1. lurkavelli:

    NEW MUSIC: Last Train In New York Pt.1 - Lurkavelli 


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  4. rapeforsale:

    lurkavelli - keep your circle tight


  5. pushag666:

    KING ABs - Keep Your Circle Tight [Prod. Young Bodybag]

    Official Video: http://youtu.be/PZasz8Qt-cw

    here is new music from New Lurk City’s artist KING ABs titled ‘Keep Your Circle Tight’. This is a single off KING ABs x Young Bodybag (producer) EP which is set to be released this Fall. This track is basically loosely based on ABs life growing up in the LES dealing with people he once considered friends & what currently has occurred in the housing project he’s being raised in.

    @KING_ABs @BabyDayStyle